our retreat story

Located 10 kms South of Bharatpur, covering 15+ acres of land, LAKE TWENTY THOUSAND FARM & RETREAT(LTK)- HAWELI incorporates eco-friendly principles of integrated and organic farming. A safe and tranquil environment amidst rice paddies, organic vegetable plots, ponds, woodlots, and many grassy lawns, it is rich with more Flora and fauna.

It is ideally away from the noisy and concrete tourist hubs in the region without compromising easy access to the Chitwan National Park and other local attractions. Waking up not to the cacophony of traffic noises but to the orchestra of some of the world’s rarest birds is only the beginning in the journey to staying with us. Experience the true nature of Chitwan with us!

A short walk through our Devnagar/Chanpanagar village brings you to the National Park Buffer Zone, home of Bis Hazari Tal, Nepal’s premiere bird watching destination. We strive to provide you with a quiet retreat away from the crowds yet close to all the attractions and we maintain all modern comforts in a traditional rural setting. Welcome and experience the peace and tranquility @ LTK-Haweli.