Architecture Of Janaki Mandir

Design Of Janaki

As you approach the fantastic sanctuary, you will get an away from of the structure in white with vaults, columns and verandas that take after a radiant royal residence getting the essence of the magnificence of the structure even before entering it. Putting in almost no time to respect the outside magnificence is strongly suggested. The superb sanctuary is a striking, exceptional combination of Hindu, Mughal and Koiri sort of structures made completely of white marble and possesses more than 4800 square feet of the zone.

To enter, you need to stroll through the focal 30-meter high curved door on the ground floor. As you continue, you will arrive at a yard with the sanctum sanctorum in the inside that houses a great symbol of the Goddess Sita. There are an aggregate of 60 chambers or rooms inside the sanctuary complex that are decorated with mind boggling grid windows, hued glass, excellent artworks and charming carvings. There are likewise littler sanctuaries in the sanctuary complex. These are called sannadhis and have icons of King Janak, Queen Sunaina, Lord Rama, another statue of Sita, Lakshmana, and Urmila.

In the wake of investigating the sanctum sanctorum, the sannadhis and the rooms, as you review the remainder of the intricate, you will discover an assortment of dark stones behind the primary place of worship. These stones are called Saligrams, the consecrated dark stones that King Janaka used to love. They are viewed as exceptionally amazing and are for the most part found in the places of lovers who play out all the significant ceremonies come what may. The sanctuary ministers permit guests to offer supplications to these consecrated stones and furthermore wouldn’t fret sharing their insight about the saligrams, the holy place and the legend of Ramayana.

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