Take a deep breath and inhaling the fresh air surrounding everything, witness the local people, the local culture and other various aspects of Chitwan all the while peddling comfortably through the serene plains of Nepali Terai.

Cycling is one of the extra outdoor activities for the tourists and visitors to enjoy when visiting Chitwan.

Through cycling, you can go slightly off of touristic places to witness the typical village around Sauraha, where the villagers are busy growing agricultural products and farming in the fields. The villagers are in the same phase and stage as they were when Sauraha was 30 years before in the past. It will provide with a good concept and opportunity in order to gain knowledge about the Nepali lifestyle. The guide will explain in detail about different folkloric group, food styles and mesmerizing places of the area.

You will need to maintain caution if you want to enter into the National Park.