Wake up or dream on to the orchestra of some of the world’s rarest birds. Birds such as parrots, ravens that like to put on a show for you every morning and evening.
Bird Watching is a type of package that is aimedand available for bird lovers who wants to see a wide variety of birds in Chitwan National Park. Bird watching is one of the best attractionsfor tourist and visitors because of the wide inhabitations of birds that migrate from faraway places. There are around 600 different kinds of variations of birds that can be seen in Chitwan national park.
If bird watching interests u in the wild plains of Chitwan national park in Nepal, then we suggest that you take a hitch with our bird specialist. This walk offers you with the perfectcondition of inspecting the wild animals and birds very up close. To watch bird watching, it is always best to inspect them on foot rather than jeep and cycling. Our bird experts will help you to spot and identify various kinds of birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal.
There are many diversed zones in the Chitwan National park for bird watching. The distance for bird watching zone is not far then 4-5 km after reaching the park. Gadgets like binoculars and camera are necessary essentials while watching bird species. The crucial time to watch bird watching is at early morning hour while walking through the bushes and along, the river of Rapti. In the course of this time, many exotic birds like Giant Hornbill, lesser Florican and Paradise Flycatcher can be found in the vast wildlife sanctuary.