Canoeing is another type of interesting attraction that offers Tourists to embark on canoe rides along the Rapti River inside the Chitwan National Park. Canoe riding is a type of boating that will allow travelers to flow along the rivers taking them up close to the habitats of wildlife’s found both in water and land. While canoe riding, one can take a close look on gharials, crocodiles and other wild animals. Tourists can look at the crocodiles taking their sunbaths on the river banks while taking their photographs. The interesting facts about them are the crocodiles will bask unresponsively under the sun with their snouts wide. It is even possible to observe the exotic species of birds and animals that come for sip at the water’s edge.

While canoe riding, it is even possible to reach Jagatpur, another sightsee spot of Chitwan that is 18 km down streams from Sauraha.