The national park of Sauraha, Chitwan is the most appropriate and famous spot for elephant riding. Elephant riding is one of the safest ways to enter the jungle while observing wild animals and birds from close up vicinity. One can enter the thick and lush forest of Sauraha and outlook the natural habitats of wildlife from close proximity during the elephant riding. The feel from riding an elephant is hard to describe and depends upon the person itself how he/she feels. The ride on the elephants is very stimulating and interesting, while moving into the quiet and dense forest listening to the sound of wild birds humming from on top of the elephant’s back. The maximum people who can ride in an elephant are 4 people. There is a popularized promotion for tourism in Sauraha stating that “Visit Chitwan, Ride the Elephant”. 

While seated high on the back of the skilled elephant in order to survey the grasslands and lush area of the park, you will feel like an essential part of the life in the national park. Though, elephant safari is not comfortable as a ride, however it will be an amazing experience once in your life time. If you are riding an elephant, you will be able to spot various kinds of animals and birds from atop. 

We offer Elephant package trips. The duration for elephant riding generally, last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Elephant jungle tours typically have three times. The time depends on early morning, Mid-day and late afternoon.