The major attractions in Chitwan national park is the great one horned rhinoceros, Bengal Royal Tiger, Gangetic dolphins, Gharials, crocodiles, wild boars, various species of birds and sloth bears.

Jungle walk is one of the mostexciting and entertaining activity of Chitwan National Park in order to witness the flora and fauna. You can walk through thethick forest while gazing through the natural habitats of the wild animals during this trip. The guides offers tips for safety precautions before venturing out. The tourists or guides are not allowed to carry any weapons with them. It is thrilling when venturing out in the lush jungles of Chitwan national park while walking because there will be chance for encountering wild animals.

The main stream of these encounters includes wild elephants and rhinos. Thus,extreme caution should be implemented during the jungle walk in order to provide you withbetter opportunity to observe the wild life from up close. Taking an experienced guide with you is always an important decision during Jungle walk. The guides take the tourists for 5 to 10 km walk at one time, offering a better chance to observe the wild animals and birds. During the course of the Jungle trip, one must be caution not to make even a slight uproar or noise because it can affect the animals around the vicinity making them aggravated or shocked resulting in running away from you or attacking you.