Yoga is a form of exercise done in order to calm the physical, mental and spiritual states of the body and mind. It can also be seen as a part of recreation activity done in order to calm or feel relax from stress and daily hardships.

Yoga is also an essential form of refreshment that is popular in Sauraha, Chitwan. After a tiring day from observing wildlife in the park, one can feel relax with body massage, head massage and foot massage. Yoga classes and institutes differ from place to place and it is a good form of relaxing your mind and body from stress by practicing many varieties of yoga. 

Yoga institutes are all over Sauraha, Chitwan and the expenses differs from one lodge to another. Yoga helps relaxing your mind and body while the people can survey and relax from the scenery, listening to the chirping of the birds while basking in the sunlight, and enjoying the vast cultures of the people residing.